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Dewites show 2017

Dewites show 2017 was held with pomp and splendour. Mr. Sewa Singh IFS was the chief guest and Lion Ashok Kumar Chordia was the Guest of Honour.



Xseed day was celebrated. The kids showcased what they learnt in their xseed curriculum.

Evauation drill

Evacuation drill was conducted in our school on 21/1/2016. Villupuram District Fire Officer  Mr. Ganesan conducted the evacuation drill.

John Dewey campaigns for smokeless bhogi

A rally on smokeless bhogi was organsised by the NSS, scouts and JRC units of John Dewey Matric Hr. Sec. school, Villupuram. The rally was flagged off by Mr. S. Ganesan, District fire officer, Villupuram.

 Mr. M.Babu Selvadurai, convenor JRC, villupuram presided over the function. A signature campaign was launched  against the burning of tyres and plastics on bhogi. Handbills were issued to sensitise the masses to avoid smoke on bhogi.




Science exhibition 2015

The primary block students participated in a science models competition.

Food day 2015

Std v students organised a food day. They displayed traditional  food items prepared from ragi, kambu, ellu etc. They beautifully explained the benefits of traditonal food of Tamil Nadu.

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UKG fancy dress

UKG fancy dress competition 16/10/2015

LKG fancy dress

LKG fancy dress was held on 17/10/2015. The liitle tots were beautifully dressed for the ocassion.

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