Our infrastructure includes majestic buildings with spacious well – furnished class rooms, well equipped and capacious laboratories and a library.

K.G. Kids have separate play ground with play equipments.


Besides classrooms, kids enjoy education-based activities in another room – we call it activity room.

There are three computer laboratories in the main school and two in The New John Dewey Matric School . Students of classes I to XII are taught computer science.

Technology based learning

Our school has been tird up with educom. We has around 30 smart board to aid in learning. We also have a 3d lab

Language lab

The school introduced English Lab in the year 2014. 

Our school

This institution is named after John Dewey the most powerful exponent of the philosophy of pragmatism in America and the author of the concept of learning by doing and the child centred education.

Our Vision

The central fact in our school is the CHILD. We know that he is the tomorrow of this planet. The aim of the school is to enable the child to grow into a patriotic Indian with balanced personality. Towards this end the school provides a full, healthy and comprehensive education in tune with the new education policy.

School emblem

This emblem of our school is appreciated by our parents and the educated public. It is considered unique. This logo denotes mutual affection displayed by the teacher and his pupil.

At John Dewey every moment is a moment of discovery. Every moment is an experience and every experience is a healthy step forward, guided ably by the teachers.


The school follows the syllabus of Matriculation board of Tamil Nadu Government from classes KG to Std X and state board of Tamil Nadu Government for classes XI and XII.