November Month End Letter 2015-16


Month end letter for November

                   In the first week of this month we were very happily to celebrate FRUITS DAY. On this day my teachers prepared fruit salad. My friends and I tasted the salad. It was really very tasty. My teachers told us “Always eat some fruits before your meals. It is good for our health”. Mummy now I can identify all the fruits well.

                   My friends and I made a bunch of grapes using our thumb on the activity sheet.

                   My new friends also celebrated APPLE DAY they colored the apple picture on the activity sheet.

                   Next we celebrated DIWALI. On that day myself, all my friends and my teachers very safely busted crackers. We all happily enjoyed Diwali day.

                   My teachers sang many songs. My favorite songs are

  1. Apples are falling …………..
  2. Apples, mangoes, grapes are …………..

Dear Mum & Dad please sing the songs with me every day.

          Bye – Bye Mum & Dad, see you next month

                                                                             Your loving child