January Month End Letter 2016


Month end letter for January 2016

          I had a wonderful time in the month of January. In the first week of this month my miss introduced us variety of vegetables and fruits.

           Daddy do you know fresh fruits and vegetables keep us healthy and strong.

          In the second week of this month my teacher introduced us to a new concept ‘NATURE’, My teacher told “NATURE IS OUR MOTHER”.

          My friends and I enjoyed colouring the mountain and rising sun.

          On 12th of January we celebrated pongal festival in a grand manner.  We thanked sun God for giving good harvest.  On that day my  teacher gave us sweet pongal “Wow! it was very tasty.

          Mummy you know 26th January is a very important day.  Yes it is our Republic Day.  We have celebrated our 67th Republic Day celebration. On that day my friends were dressed up like our National leaders they looked very cute.

          During the last week of January we were introduced to one colour each day like RED, YELLOW, WHITE, GREEN, and BLUE, we were dressed up and all our belongings were on the respective colours on the respective day. Next month we will be celebrating the colours week.

          I did my half – yearly exam very well.

          My teacher sang many songs. My favourite song is vilot , indigo,blue & green………..

          My teacher has written it down for you so that you can sing with me at home.

                    Violet , Indigo , Blue and Green.

                    Blue and Green , Blue and Green.

                   Violet , Indigo , Blue and Green.

                    Yellow , Orange and Red.

                                   Bye – Bye Mum & Dad , see you next month.

                                                                                      your loving child