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Our school


This institution is named  after John Dewey the most powerful  exponent of the philosophy of  pragmatism in America and the  author of the concept of learning by doing and the child centred education.


Our Vision

The central fact in our school is the CHILD.  We know that he is the tomorrow of this planet. The aim of the school is to enable the child to grow into a patriotic Indian with balanced personality. Towards this end the school provides a full, healthy and comprehensive education in tune with the new  education policy.


School emblem


This emblem of our school is appreciated by our parents and the educated public.   It is considered unique. This logo denotes mutual affection displayed by the teacher and his pupil.


At John Dewey every moment is a moment of discovery. Every moment is an experience and every experience is a healthy step forward, guided ably by the teachers.




The  school follows the syllabus of  Matriculation board of Tamil Nadu Government  from classes KG to Std X and state board of Tamil Nadu Government for classes XI and XII.



Uniform pattern


Dark brown shorts /pants/ chudithar and shirts in pink. This combination is the first of its kind in Tamilnadu schools.



  L.K.G to Std VIII          - Pinafore             

        Std IX and X                - Chudithar with coat (available in the school)

        Std XI and XII              - chudithar with dhupatta

           Shoes                     - Blue Canvas shoes  (supplied in the school)

                                         - White socks   (supplied in the school)



   L.K.G. to std VIII      - Half pants only

   Std IX to XII              - Full pants

   Shoes                      -Blue Canvas shoes (supplied in the school)

                                  - White socks  (supplied in the school)


Wednesday and saturday - white canvas shoes and socks (supplied in the school)



Name of the Houses

 All the extracurricular activities in the school are house based. There are four houses. They are named after planets, Jupiter , Venus, Neptune and Mercury.

           House Uniform

     Jupiter         - Redshirt & White pants

     Venus          - Green shirt & White pants

     Neptune       - Yellow shirt & White pants

     Mercury       - Blue shirt & White pants


     Wednesday   -  House Uniform

     Saturday       -  White Uniform


     Wednesday and Saturday   -  white Shoes

                  Other Days              -  Blue Shoes


John Dewey Educational Trust

Regd. Office - Villupuram


Our Management




Name of the principal with qualification


1980 - 2003 

Mr. M.Veeradhas, M.Sc.,M.A.,M.Ed.,M.Phil.,


2003 -  

Mrs. V.Valentina Lesley   M.A.,M.Ed.,M.Phil.,




John Dewey - Entrance to the temple of  learning

The New John Dewey

John Dewey - Administrative Block


John Dewey - Primary Block     

Investiture Ceremony

Swearing in Ceremony

(Office Bearers - 2007 -2008 )





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